Morneau Takes Out the Big Guns to Slow Housing

General Katie Hommy 4 Oct

Yesterday, Ottawa unveiled major initiatives to slow housing activity both by potentially discouraging foreign home purchases and, more importantly, by making it more difficult for Canadians to get mortgages. As well, the Finance Minister is limiting the degree to which mortgage lenders can buy portfolio insurance on mortgages with downpayments of 20% or more. Ottawa […]

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8 Things To Avoid Before Buying A Home

General Katie Hommy 19 Sep

The following is a list of things you’ll want to avoid if you plan on purchasing a new home in the near future. 1. Don’t apply for new credit: It may seem natural to apply for a credit card at a home improvement store or a furniture store when you are about to become a […]

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It’s Property Tax Time!

General Katie Hommy 31 May

It’s Property Tax Time! Tax Statements are starting to arrive in mailboxes today. Many lenders collect the taxes on your behalf and you can find out if yours are collected by the lender on your mortgage statement (every bank sends one in January) or simply look online, and it will show your tax account balance. […]

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Top 5 Things Millennials Should Know When Buying Real Estate

General Katie Hommy 24 Oct

There are 9 million Millennials in Canada, representing more than 25 percent of the population. Born between 1980 and 1999, the eldest are in the early stages of their careers, forming households and buying their first homes. Buying a home is a daunting process for anyone, but especially so for the first-time home buyer. This […]

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5 Common Mortgage Mistakes

General Katie Hommy 10 Apr

Obtaining financing on a new or existing home can be a stress-free, straight-forward process if you’re prepared. But if you’re not prepared, there are many common mistakes you can make. Most of these mistakes are easily avoidable with some preparation and informed advice – feel free to call or email with any questions/concerns!  Below are […]

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Does Your Mortgage Mature in 2013?

General Katie Hommy 21 Feb

A lot of mortgages are maturing in 2013 and with all of the changes that the Government has implemented during the past 12 to 24 months, I strongly recommend reviewing your mortgage at least 6 months prior to the maturity date.  The banks know that they are now in a position of “power” when dealing […]

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Insulation Retrofits For Your Home

General Katie Hommy 6 Feb

If you own an older home, chances are, you’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce your heating costs. Adding insulation to your home not only helps you save money right now, but it’s also a way to “future proof” your home – protecting you against energy cost increases down the road. A well-insulated, […]

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How Much Does Rate Matter?

General Katie Hommy 6 Feb

Often times, borrowers are fixated on their mortgage rate because it’s the one aspect of their home financing they know to ask about. But, it’s important to look beyond mere rates into the bigger picture surrounding what’s significant when it comes to your specific needs. If we dollarize the difference between 2.99% and 3.04%, for […]

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The Fixed Vs. Variable Conundrum

General Katie Hommy 7 Jan

“To get anywhere, or even to live a long time, a person has to guess, and guess right, over and over again, without enough data for a logical answer.” — Robert Heinlein Mortgage rates are doing things that few people expected one year ago. Variable discounts have been sliced in half and those cunning banks […]

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5 Questions Every Borrower Should Ask

General Katie Hommy 16 Nov

5 Questions Every Borrower Should Ask As a mortgage borrower – particularly if this is your first time embarking upon homeownership – there’s no doubt you have a load of questions related to the mortgage process. Aside from the most common questions, such as those relating to mortgage rate, the maximum mortgage amount you’ll be […]

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